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Facebook Lead Ads: Your Ninja Lead Generation Machine [2017 Guide]

​Have you tried Facebook Lead Ads yet?

In this step-by-step guide, you'll discover how to create highly effectively Facebook Lead Adverts to generate quality leads for your business.

Let's get started and dive deep into the what, how and why of lead ads.

Use this navigation to quickly move over to a particular section of the guide.​

​What Is Facebook Lead Ads?

I am using it extensively for few months now and ​I don't have any doubts in saying that it's one of the most effective and powerful way of generating leads.

It's also one of the simplest and quickest way which you can literally set-up in under 30 minutes.

You don't need a landing page and it's a two clicks process for a user to submit their form.

Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads - User Journey

Why Facebook Lead Ads Are Better?

​Here are few of the benefits of lead ads over the traditional ads.

  • No Landing Pages:  User stays on Facebook throughout the whole journey eliminating the need to create a landing page.
  • Auto-filled Forms:  Facebook auto-fills form fields such as name, email & phone.  It improves both user experience and conversion rates.
  • Mobile Friendliness:  No need to worry about mobile optimization of website since user stays on Facebook only.
  • Loading Times:  One of the major factor contributing to poor conversions are slow loading websites and this factor is eliminated in lead ads.

​All these above factors make these lead adverts very powerful and effective.

It improves the user's experience by simplifying their journey from interaction with the ad to filling up the form.

That's great for marketers too as it cut down their efforts in setting up the ads and it also leads to higher conversion rates and lower acquisition costs.

​How To Create Facebook Lead Ads?

​You now know why lead adverts should really be part of your overall online marketing plan to promote and grow your business.

Let's now go over the steps involved in creating Facebook lead ads.​

Go to the 'Adverts Manager' section by clicking on the 'Create Adverts' option in the drop-down on your Facebook newsfeed page.

Facebook Lead Ads Create Ads

Facebook Lead Ads - Create Adverts

​Under the 'Adverts Manager' section, click on '+ Create Campaign' tab to proceed further to select the campaign type and objective.

Facebook Adverts Manager Create Campaign

Facebook Adverts Manager - Create Campaign

Select 'Lead Generation' option while selecting your marketing objective.  Give your campaign a relevant name and click on 'Continue'.

Facebook Adverts Manager Campaign Objective

Facebook Adverts Manager - Campaign Objective

​Under 'Advert Set' section of the campaign, give a relevant name to your advert set and select the Facebook page for which you are creating the campaign.

Facebook Adverts Set Name and Facebook Page

Facebook Adverts Set - Name and Facebook Page

​You have to next select an existing or create a new audience for your campaign targeting.  You have these three options here:

  • Create New:  Create a new audience by selecting target location, age, gender, language, demographics, interests or behaviors. 
  • Saved Audience:  Select from a saved audience if you have already created it earlier.
  • Custom Audience:  Select from a custom audience such as your website visitors or paid campaign landing page visitors.
Facebook Advert Set Select or Create Audience

Facebook Advert Set - Select or Create Audience

Note about [Audience]

I get much better results with 'Custom Audiences' as they have already visited your website and know about your brand.  It is a warm audience which tends to convert better.

​Select the placements for your lead ads and here are your placement options:

  • Automatic Placements:  Let Facebook decide your placements and optimize your ad for leads.
  • Custom Placements:  Here you can custom select your placements such as device types (Mobile or Desktop), platforms (Facebook or Instagram) and specific mobile devices (Android or iOS).

You can even select to show your ads when the mobile device is connected to a Wi-Fi to ensure that user's internet speed is good resulting in high conversions.

Facebook Lead Ads Placement Options

Facebook Lead Ads - Placement Options

Select either daily budget or lifetime budget for your lead ads campaign as well as select the ad schedule and then click on the 'Show advanced options' link.

Facebook Lead Ads Campaign Budget

Facebook Lead Ads - Campaign Budget

​'Leads' is selected by default under the optimization for advert delivery option and you have the option to select 'Link Clicks' as well.  I would recommend to leave it as default only.

You can also keep the bid amount as Automatic (default) or enter your Manual bid based on what an acquired lead is worth to you.

Click on the Continue button once you have made your selection to go to the advert and ad creatives section.

Facebook Lead Ads Optimization for Delivery

Facebook Lead Ads - Optimization for Delivery

​In the 'Advert' section give a suitable name to the advert and select the format type from the available options of a Carousal (multiple images), Single Image, Single Video and Slideshow.

Facebook Lead Ads Advert Name Format

Facebook Lead Ads - Advert Name & Format

​Select your creatives (image, video or slideshow) for the lead ads campaign depending on the format you have selected in the previous step.

Facebook Lead Ads Advert Images

Facebook Lead Ads - Select Advert Images

Under the 'Text' section, enter the ad copy for your lead ads such as Headline, Description text, select the appropriate Call To Action button.

You can then preview how your ad looks like on desktop news feed, mobile news feed and on Instagram feed and make the necessary changes if required.

Facebook Lead Ads Advert Text Preview

Facebook Lead Ads - Advert Text and Preview

There are 6 'Call To Action' options available under the Facebook lead ads:

  • Apply Now
  • Download
  • Get Quote
  • Learn More
  • Sign Up
  • Subscribe
Facebook Lead Adverts Call To Action

Facebook Lead Adverts - Call To Action Options

Design Checklist | Tips

Use these recommendations to ensure that your lead ads looks good wherever it appears and on every screen sizes.

  • Recommended image size: 1,200 X 628 pixels
  • Image ratio: 1:9:1
  • Headline: 25 characters
  • Description Text: 90 characters
  • News Feed description: 30 characters
  • Include minimal text on your image to ensure maximum ad reach  

Use Facebook Text Overlay Tool to check the image text ratings and ensure it says 'OK' and that your ad will run normally.

Facebook Text Overlay Tool

In the next 'Lead Form' step, you can duplicate or select an existing lead form or create a new from from the scratch.

Let's click on '+ New Form' and go through the process of creating a new form for your Facebook Lead Ads.​

Facebook Lead Ads Create Lead Form

Facebook Lead Ads - Create New Lead Form

Give a relevant name to your new form in step 1 and move on to the step 2 for creating the Welcome Screen (new name for 'Context Card') for your leads ad.

'Welcome Screen' is the initial page which appears immediately after clicking the ad where you can add more info of your product or service offerings.

Facebook Lead Ads Welcome Screen

Facebook Lead Ads - Welcome Screen

Use the welcome screen to tell your audience what exactly they are going to receive after submitting their details.

Facebook Lead Ads Welcome Screen

Facebook Lead Ads - Welcome Screen

Here are the required elements for creating the welcome screen:

  • Add a headline for your welcome screen (maximum 45 characters)
  • Use the same image from your ad or upload a new different image for the welcome screen
  • Under the Layout option, select either Bullets (maximum 80 characters for each bullet) or select Paragraph (no character limits)
  • Add your CTA (Call To Action) button text
  • See the preview of your welcome screen on the right hand side and move to the next step if everything looks good.

Note about [Welcome Screen]

Please note that adding Welcome Screen is OPTIONAL but I will always recommend to add it and use it to better educate your audience about your offering to get better quality leads.

​Under the Questions section of the lead form, select the fields which you need based on contact details, demographics or the work information of the user.

All this requested information will be pulled from the user's Facebook profile and will be prefilled in the form.

You can also add up to maximum of 3 custom questions by clicking on '+ Add custom question' option at the bottom.

Facebook Lead Ads Form Fields Questions

Facebook Lead Ads - Form Fields & Questions

Conversion Tip

Only ask for as much information as necessary even if the form fields will be auto-filled by Facebook.

You know that conversions goes down as we add more form fields.  I have found in my testing that this holds very true for Facebook Lead Ads too even if the users don't have to fill the info manually.

You have to next add the text and website link for the 'Privacy Policy' of your business.

Facebook requires you to include the privacy policy on how you are going to use the personal information of the potential prospects which you are gathering through Facebook Lead Ads.

You can even add a custom disclaimer (optional) ​in the privacy policy section if necessary.

Facebook Lead Ads Privacy Policy

Facebook Lead Ads - Privacy Policy

The last step is to add the website link of your thank you page which you want the users to visit once they submit their details.

​For example, it could be a download page if you are giving away a free e-book to get subscribers or a page telling them that they are successfully registered for an event or online webinar.

Facebook Lead Ads Thank You Screen

Facebook Lead Ads - Thank You Screen

​You can then preview your form and click on either 'Save' (to save in drafts if you want to make any further changes) or 'Finish' (to publish it if you are happy with your form).

Facebook Lead Ads Save Finish Form

Facebook Lead Ads - Save or Finish Form

The last step is to select your newly created lead form, review your order and then click on 'Place Order'.

Facebook's team will then review it (to ensure it meets their guidelines) and activate your campaign - it can take from 5 minutes to up to 24 hours for your ad to go live.

Facebook Lead Ads Place Order

Facebook Lead Ads - Place Order

​How To Download Leads From Facebook Lead Ads?

​Once you start running your ads, one of the most common question from the marketers is how to access and download these leads.

​Go to your page for which you are running the ads and click on 'Forms Library' option under the 'Publishing Tools' section at the top right hand side.

You will see all your active lead forms ​there and click on 'Download' button to export your leads in CSV file format.

Please note that you need page 'Admin' rights ​to access the leads.

Facebook Lead Ads Download Leads

Facebook Lead Ads - Download Leads

​In this process, you have to manually export your leads and then import them into your CRM to move them into your sales funnel.

​This manual process can really hurt your conversions if your users are expecting an immediate follow-up.

To automate this process, let's see how we can integrate the Facebook Lead Ads with your CRM.

You can do it by going to 'Leads Setup' section under the 'Publishing Tools' and follow the given 3 steps process.

Facebook Lead Ads Connect CRM

Facebook Lead Ads - Connecting CRM

Here are few of the CRMs supported by Facebook Lead Ads presently:

  • Salesforce
  • Marketo
  • Drip
  • Eloqua
  • Mailchimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Infusionsoft
  • Active Campaign
  • Hubspot

You can also connect it using 3rd party lead ad integration solution partners:

  • Zapier
  • Leadsbridge
  • Driftrock
  • AdEspresso
  • Connectio
  • Active Prospect
  • SyncSumo
  • Sync2CRM

​I am personally using Zapier to connect my Facebook Lead Ads account to my Mailchimp account right now and it works as expected without any hassles.

​It instantly add my leads generated through Facebook Lead Ad to my subscribers list in Mailchimp account and start the automated email follow-up process.

Facebook Lead Ads Zapier Integration

Facebook Lead Ads and Zapier Integration

​Best Practices For Creating Effective Facebook Lead Ads

Here is a list of few important best practices you should follow to ensure the best results from your Facebook Lead Ads campaigns:​

Your Ad Is Your Landing Page

In a traditional Facebook ad, you can tease your users through your ads to get higher CTRs as they will get more detailed information on the landing page.

It's not the case with Facebook lead ads.  The users only see your ad and straight away go to the form submission page ​as soon as they click on it.

​So make sure to provide all the important information to the users through your ad and be as much descriptive as possible.

​Add Welcome Screen

​I strongly recommend you to add a welcome screen (previously context card) to your ads to provide more information to your users.

It creates an additional step for the users to complete before submitting their details and hence increase their commitment and the quality of leads.​

​Only Ask For Necessary Information

​Only ask for the information which is absolutely required for your follow-up in converting a lead to a paying customer.

For example, don't ask for their phone number if you are only following up through emails.  Asking for an additional info such as phone number considerably lowers the conversion rates.

​Target The Right Audience

​This is obvious and holds true to all the ads.  As per my experience, these ads works best with the 'Custom Audiences' like website visitors.

You can even target the audience who have visited your landing pages through other ad channels (like AdWords, Display​ etc.) but did not convert as lead ads give them an easy way to submit their details.

Integrate Your CRM

​Manually exporting and importing leads into CRM will effect your conversions and you won't be able to reach out to your prospects immediately.

Integrate your CRM to automate this process so that your lead is instantly moved to your CRM and added to your email list.

This will allow you to immediately send a confirmation or welcome email to your users who have submitted their info.

You can see the latest list of CRM integrations available here.​

Exclude The Converted Users

​This step is very obvious but easily forgotten!  Always make sure to exclude the users who have converted from your ad targeting.

You can do this by creating a separate custom audience for converters ​and add it in the exclusion list while targeting your audience.

​Stop wasting your marketing dollars by implementing this step.

​What Are The Drawbacks Of Facebook Lead Ads?

​Facebook Lead Ads is a great way to generate leads for your business with many benefits over traditional ad formats but it does have few drawbacks too.

​Quality Of The Leads

​This is one of the primary problem for Facebook lead ads.  It is so easy for a user to complete the steps that while following up we came across users saying they submitted it by mistake.

It is only a two click process (tap, tap, done!) so the commitment and the intent of users is low and sometimes they even forget submitting their details.

​Facebook is making efforts to overcome this issue by introducing new features like welcome screen, desktop targeting (only mobile was available earlier) etc.

​Remarketing Lists

​Since you are not directing your users to your landing pages, you cannot add them to your remarketing list to again target this audience on other channels like Google Display Ads.

You know that your website or landing page visitors is one of the most important set of audience you can target again for conversions.

You spend your marketing dollars on Facebook lead ads but you miss out on this important audience set.

Facebook lead ads is great for Facebook in keeping their users on Facebook but not good for marketers as they can't create a remarketing list.​

​Facebook Lead Ads : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the answers for few frequently asked questions with respect to the Facebook Lead Ads:

Facebook Lead Ads are available in which languages?

What about the Organic leads generated through lead ads?

Why there is no 'Share' button on Facebook lead ads?

Is it possible to run lead ads on Instagram?

Why I am not able to download all my leads?

Is it possible to save a draft of a lead form?

When my leads will be available for download?

Are all of the form fields mandatory?

​Conclusion & Infographic

Facebook lead ad is a great way to generate leads for your business with least efforts at low marketing budget.

The lead quality might not be as good but you should follow the best practices to weed out the junk leads.

Facebook is also continuously introducing ​new features to enable the marketers to get good ROIs on their marketing budgets for lead ads and on ways to improve the leads quality.

I hope you will find this guide useful and you will soon test out the lead ads for your business as well.

In the end, I would like to add this nice ​Facebook Lead Ads Infographic created by the Connectio team.  It quickly gives you a good overview of Facebook lead ads and I'm sure you will like it if you have a thing for the visuals.

Facebook Lead Ads Infographic

Facebook Lead Ads - Infographic by Connectio

​Let me know your feedback on this guide in the comments section.

Over to you now, stay awesome!​