About Myself & My Blog AuthorityPanda.com

My name is Puneet Singhal and I am a Digital Marketer with over 13 years of corporate world experience.

I have worked at different digital marketing positions in industries such as SaaS, Electronic Design Automation, Education, Hospitality & Healthcare.

​I have managed wide range of online marketing campaigns like SEO, AdWords, Email Marketing, Social Media, Analytics, Conversion Optimization, Blogging, Display ads etc. for my employees.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn and see my complete professional profile.

My Background

I come from a small city 'Kota' in India and presently live in New Delhi, the capital city of India.

My first job was of a medical transcriptionist after completing my graduation but I soon left it and moved into a marketing profile.

I was always very fascinated by internet which provides host of opportunities to everyone and I was lucky enough to grow in the era of internet.

puneet singhal authoritypanda.com

Online Marketing Excites Me!

SEO, blogging, conversion rates, subscribers, analytics, A/B testing, CPC, CTRs, impressions....all of these aspects of online marketing are my real passion and I live by them every day.

I started participating in online marketing forums like Warrior Forum, Black Hat World, Digital Point etc. to learn more about online marketing.

I learned creating websites from scratch and how to do on-page SEO and get backlinks for higher rankings.

I sold websites on Flippa - the marketplace for buying and selling websites.  I used to quickly build a website using Private Label Right products and then sell them off for quick bucks.

​You can see some of my Flippa listings here:

Flippa - DynamiteTrendsCash.com

Flippa - MembershipSiteExposed.com

Flippa - TwitterMarketingSecret.com

I even did some Amazon affiliate marketing.

Do you remember the good old days when Exact Match Domains used to be the secret sauce for top rankings!

​Days when you used to search for a low competition keyword for which exact match domain is available.  Just get your website up with couple of articles and BINGO - you are ranking at the top!

One of the websites I created was www.sonynex7.net targeting the keyword 'Sony Nex 7'.  It was one of the most awaited product (a digital camera) launch by Sony.

It was ranking at top on the launch day and I made nice few thousand dollars ​(through Amazon affiliate) during the launch week for couple of hours of my efforts.

The website is not up anymore but you can see its snapshot from Wayback Machine and notice how ugly it was.

​Here are some of the articles I wrote only targeting 'Sony NEX 7' keyword and literally stuffing this keyword everywhere - it worked then 6 years back but things have changed dramatically since then.

I am also a certified Google Adwords & Google Analytics professional.

You can see my certificates here:

Google AdWords Certification

Google Analytics​ Certification

​I have also received the certificate from Wordstream for AdWords Top 5% managed accounts.

WordStream AdWords Certificate : Top 5% Managed Accounts

Wordstream Google Adwords Certificate
Puneet Singhal Google Adwords Top 5% Certificate

​Why Start This Blog AuthorityPanda.com?

It is because online marketing scenario has dramatically changed over last few years.

Gone are the days of making quick profits by using few black hat SEO techniques - even if you succeed it won't sustain for long enough.

Google's Panda & Penguin updates will kill your low value and thin content websites.

It's the time to create Authority websites that Google's Panda loves!

'Panda loves Authority' and hence the birth of this blog AuthorityPanda.com.

There are a lot of myths and misinformation in online marketing space that needs to be busted.

​Lot of people are recommending products & tools without any real hands experience of using them just to make some quick commissions.

This needs to be changed.

​I have thus decided to start this blog to share over a decade of my experience to provide quality and authentic advice and recommendations to the people from this industry.

Let's get connected and you can follow me at: